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Boost Productivity Through Knowledge Management System

Knowledge management is a relatively recent concept. It was created to assist procurement professionals in becoming more efficient. Personal knowledge management systems (KMS) is comprised of processes and tools to gather, classify, store and retrieve information from your professional life as well as the ability to communicate your thoughts with others who may need their help.

The ability to keep all your data together is crucial to efficiency. So, when you need it for a task to be completed or a project in the works, nothing can stop you from starting! These parts can be used to create a smooth workflow that is less stressful.


To become a more efficient professional, you need to keep learning all the time. The need to continuously improve your abilities and knowledge becomes more vital because of the advancements in technology. It is recommended to attend conferences and workshops, in addition to reading technical journals that pertain to your job field. Additionally, you must review websites that offer training courses.


Your output is more important than the amount of tasks you complete within a certain period of time. This is what makes productivity. It is possible to find your creative side by using the tools and methods which can be used to boost your creative skills, such as Google’s “creative toolkit” or YouTube tutorials that cover how-to videos that show new methods of accomplishing something in one click.

Information Triage

With so much information accessible, it’s vital to have ways of organizing and prioritizing your reading. It’s possible to be overwhelmed by all the information. This is similar to how nurses in emergency medicine feel when she is dealing with patients with different degrees and severity of injuries. It will save everyone time by being able to recognize the cases which require immediate attention.


Networking doesn’t happen overnight. Networking requires time. You need to be organised. Ask them thoughtful questions regarding your field of expertise, listen carefully for answers and then record your information in a simple spot, such as a spreadsheet on your phone or in a database stored on your computer. This will enable you to be able to remember who was able to identify which details and what time the information was first shared.


Before you take any action take care to ensure you’re having all the facts. If there’s something in your research which doesn’t make sense or isn’t understood, ask questions! The open-ended format allows people to elaborate without being pressured to give a simple answer. This helps prevent miscommunications later on.


To be productive, skills in communication are necessary. Effective communication is the key to productivity. The two-way street concept allows both parties to participate in the conversation to make use of their tools. When necessary, ask questions to avoid miscommunications.

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