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Check Out These Lebanese Street Foods

The best way to experience the flavor of Lebanon is to experience the street vendors style. These stands have been a part our culture for many years. This is the reason why many people enjoy eating at them during the summer.

Shish Kebabs

Lebanese shish-kebabs are made with lamb that’s been marinated in a mixture of garlic salt pepper , and other spices. The meat is then skewered using vegetables such as capsicum, onions mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and capsicum. It’s then grilled to perfection. These meals can be taken with you and can be consumed anywhere and even while during travel.


The flavor of the Shawarma sandwich is amazing. It’s created using thin, horizontally sliced marinated meat that has been slow-roasted in a vertical skewer for hours , and then paired perfectly between lamb or chicken among other things such as lettuce tomatoes onion pickles tahini sauce.

The best sandwich! They can be purchased anyplace, even if there isn’t an “ifice” at the entrance. This kind of pita-based food is very sought-after all over the world with a particular focus in Arab nations like Lebanon. It originated back in the past when farmers would sell their products at markets instead of cultivating.


Falafel wraps will become your new favorite food item, no matter if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, or looking for a delicious meal. The main attraction is these fried balls made from chickpeas, which are mixed with spices such as coriander & cumin together with garlic chili powder. they’re then formed into cones that are wrapped in pita bread , and then topped with lettuce onion pickles pepper rings – and Tahini sauce (who does not love a little dipping?). It doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or another occasion, this dish has something special planned.


Kebbeh is Lebanon’s national dish and has been enjoyed since the beginning of time. It is made of burghul, a type of broken wheat, chopped onions and ground meat often lamb. However, it may also include other meats like chicken or beef. These ingredients are thoroughly combined then fried till the golden brown before eating in raw form. It is usually formed into small cylinders, or cooked over a flame and you can also add veggies like green beans, chimichurri like.


Kheer bandooki is a dream come true for meat lovers. The delicious street food is made of ground beef, lamb, or chicken that has been perfectly seasoned and made into cigar-shaped cylinders prior to being cooked on an open flame using skewers. This means you can eat them straight off the skewer, or wrap your “kafta’ (as they’re referred to) in pita bread with various salad ingredients, whichever are left after you’ve eaten all those delicious Dill Pickles.

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