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How Windows Server Essentials Are Best For Business?

Microsoft has developed a new server solution designed for small-sized businesses with only a few IT requirements. Microsoft’s “Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2” software was created to save these companies time and money. The software offers central devices management tools that can all be accessed via the Web browser or mobile application at any time. You don’t need an enormous data lake as with other options.

Microsoft Server Essentials can be an excellent option for small businesses with less employees. It is simple to install and maintain, doesn’t include any extra features that could slow your business’ infrastructure (like the enterprise level tools) It also comes at an affordable price, so you don’t need additional tools if you are just starting a small company.

Here’s a closer review of the features of Windows Server Essentials is and how you can make use of it to benefit your business.

1. What exactly are Windows Server Essentials, you might ask?

Microsoft’s latest product for small-scale businesses is Windows Server Essentials. This solution is easy to use and demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to this sector. It doesn’t require any knowledge of IT or experience.

2. It’s easy to install

Microsoft Windows Server Essentials makes the process of setting up simple. It walks users through an easy process of setting up and provides all the information throughout the process.

3. Easy Management

Non-IT personnel like me are able to manage our servers with Window Server Essentials. The dashboard is simple and well-organized and makes monitoring what’s going on with the servers a breeze.

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What are the possibilities with Microsoft Server Essentials?

Windows Server Essentials includes a variety useful and easy-to-implement features. They include:

1. Shared Folders

Windows Server Essentials makes file sharing within shared folders an essential component of server technology. This product is essential for all businesses and can be installed after Windows Server Essentials is installed.

2. Users and Groups

You can make use of groups and users for this. The permissions system allows people within your company collaborate on files, but only when they have permission from their department head or administrator.

3. Integration with Hosted Services and Apps

Microsoft has made it easier than ever for all businesses to host Office 365/Windows Azure. It is possible to choose the services you need through an easy-to-use dashboard. Users don’t have to be experts in managing servers.

4. Storage

This is a great feature that lets you manage the server’s storage pool as a whole system instead of just one drive. This simplifies the whole process, and makes it more practical for Windows Server Essentials Users who wish to access their data on any device they want to access.

5. Remote Access

Remote access makes it easy to grant employees remote access. The Windows Server Essentials package provides an easy and quick method to establish secure connections for employees to utilize on any device.


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