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Taxi Booking Driver App Features And Benefit

Mobile technology is essential for keeping your business on top of the market. Over the past few years, technology has evolved drastically. There are several inventions popping up at every turn. That includes taxis. You’ll be able be different from other taxi companies that are planning to launch their own version, despite the competition of lower-cost transport companies like Uber or car rental services that provide similar services and superior customer service.

There are different types of taxi apps. However, one type is specifically designed for established businesses struggling to survive. This app permits customers to book rides and grow their client base. Additionally, it helps drivers find potential fares quicker than ever before.

The creators recognized that drivers and passengers have different needs, which is why they created two apps. This allows for more customized features, giving users the opportunity to get precisely what you want with no interruptions.

These are the essential attributes for apps for drivers.

The taxi industry is faced with increasing competition. One of the most important aspects of maintaining loyalty to customers is to ensure that drivers have access to their application. Driver-friendly features can help new and existing customers be more productive on the task with less stress which will ensure better service.

Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)

Drivers prefer to use mobile apps that can reduce efforts and provide the best practices. GPS tracking systems determine the location of the person in question, however once they share permission it makes it more simple for a driver to locate them at any given time because he or she will be aware of where family members are.

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Drivers can now use their smartphone to indicate that they’re available for any new requests or pick up details. This means that they will be notified automatically when there’s a request that they are available, giving them the possibility to find a different fare with all necessary information like the address.

Driver Dashboard

The new feature allows drivers to compare their performance with other riders, as well as gain useful statistics on their trips. Prior to deciding whether or not to make improvements, drivers can view feedback from riders on previous rides.

Alerts by SMS or Email

The taxis will receive important messages from their passengers via text messages or email alerts. You can respond to your passengers’ concerns using an easy interface. This is beneficial for both the two parties.

Begin/End the Ride

Maps are a convenient way to get to your destination. This map will tell you the places where drop-off and pickup locations are, which makes it easier for everyone.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

The user will be informed within a matter of seconds if the driver agrees or denies their request to transport. If the driver fails to respond within 15-30 seconds after receiving the notification via the app, it indicates that there’s no vehicle in the area to transport them.

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