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Yemen Emergency Appeal

Yemen is currently facing a humanitarian crisis. The most severe cholera outbreak in the world has claimed thousands of lives and left millions more sick. Hunger strikes continue in Yemen as people demonstrate against oppression by government troops. They are accused of launching unrestrained bombing operations to destroy the areas of rebels without considering civilian lives or infrastructure targets.

Yemen has 16 million people hungry every day. The system of health care in Yemen is basically broken due to seven years of war. There’s no better place to seek help other than home, be it dead or alive. COVID19 victims are starving due to the lack of medical resources to provide them with the care they need. They’re fighting each other instead of making a point of saving their lives.

The poor living conditions of the country make it a perfect breeding environment for HIV-related sexual transmittance. There are around 4 million who are without a permanent place to call home, and they are unable to even fill up their stomachs due to the rising cost of food while wages are still low. and not enough money is put into providing basic needs like healthcare or clean water! This is why it’s going to be nearly impossible to control this epidemic without help from the outside. But, we need to act swiftly before it’s too too late.

While the Yemenite population has been fighting Cholera spreading for a while and isn’t out of danger. There is a chance to be hopeful due to international organizations like Save The Children America and World Vision UK supporting them along COVID-19.

How donating to Welfare Trusts is helping the people of Yemen

In the midst of massive suffering in the world, welfare trusts have reached millions with lifesaving food and water. They also offer COVID-19 hygiene kits, which can help in avoiding infection by this virus which has killed many people in Yemen already.

Welfare trusts located in Yemen have been working tirelessly for the benefit of Yemen’s vulnerable people over the past many years. They continue to provide humanitarian assistance in extreme situations when they face conflict and difficulty reaching their desired locations which is one of the reasons why there’s such a need for international organizations that can provide similar services.

This is a time of struggle for many people, and we’re thankful that we have assistance for people who require it. Its aim is to aid people escape poverty by working in partnership with local partners and providing cash, food, and other essential supplies.

Women in Yemen have received a new lease of life because of the numerous generous donors who give their time and money to support this cause. Hospitals for mothers are supported by generous donations. This makes sure that every woman is able to give birth to babies without health issues or dehydration. Rehabilitation units also provide post-birth treatment, including medications in the event of need.

As a result of COVID-19, a number of welfare trusts now provide hygiene kits for families who are living in tent camps, and safe water so it is available at public facilities such as hospitals or schools.

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